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Project Peer Review Services (click for our Peer Review Risk Flyer 340k, pdf)

Project Peer Review services from NEPMC offer your project managers the chance to identify problems with the development or management of a project which may affect achieving the project objectives.

NEPMCís peer review is an intensive desktop study examining relevant documents, plans, and analyses produced as part of the project planning, execution, and control processes.  Our peer review examines project organization structures, business and project plans, and project protocols to identify potential deficiencies that may impact the ability of the completed project to meet your goals and objectives.  Peer review can be used, for instance, to confirm that risk management, value engineering and life cycle costing techniques have been effectively applied, thereby reducing risks and allowing an accurate assessment of project costs and benefits. By conducting a thorough analysis of these plans in relation with the project objectives, peer review provides an assessment on the ability of the project plans to meet the quality, functional and performance requirements of the project and its approved purposes.

Where deficiencies are noted, NEPMCís peer review process makes recommendations on corrective actions to improve  completion of the work, operational readiness, and the long term sustainability of your project. The process can also be used to identify measures that may be taken to improve project value and the cost certainty of the project.

Because a peer review focuses on the key objectives of the project and anticipated risks, we recommend that it be conducted early enough in the project lifecycle to allow implementation of corrective actions early without delaying the project, but late enough to allow the review of developed project documents.  

For more information on our Project Peer Review Services, please contact us.

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