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Project Management Processes and Procedures Development

Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities in order to provide the best opportunity for success. The Project Management Institute (PMI) divides these into five Project Management Process Groups, which are universally applicable to any project:

Initiating Process Group 


Planning Process Group 


Executing Process Group 


Monitoring and Controlling Process Group 


Closing Process Group 

These processes are globally recognized as ”best practices” and are independent of any specific application area or industry focus. Good project management, however, must account for the environmental factors specific to your organization. Developing processes and procedures specific to your needs and organization which are based on these universal processes, assures consistency of approach, alignment with strategic goals, and better success rates. Using these process groups, along with their various sub-processes as a guide, your specifically tailored procedures will allow the appropriate knowledge and skills to be applied to your projects during execution. 

NE Project Management Consultants brings the expertise and depth of experience to your organization necessary to develop the organization-specific processes. NEPMC recognizes that integration of good project management practices into your operations requires the appropriate alignment, coordination and application of these processes to the unique goals of your organization. Application of the practices that are “best” for you requires a thorough analysis of all your projects. Through analysis of project size, timing, complexity, and risk, along with organizational and team experience levels, the appropriate application of the various project management processes can be determined. 

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